Ringing in a Veggie Year

For those of us with green eating resolutions for 2014, here is an article outlining how we can change our eating habits sustainably from Mark Bittman’s post in today’s New York Times: “Sustainable Resolutions for Your Diet“.

Bittman offers a roadmap to help us change our eating habits in a flexible, kind, and sustainable manner. As he says, “Flexitarianism is about making a gradual shift, not a complete overhaul. It is a way of eating we are much more likely to stick to for the long term — which, after all, is the point of resolutions in the first place.”

In the past year, I’ve been mostly successful in switching to a vegan diet (and brought my blood pressure down to normal). However, this article has many tips and truths that will continue to sustain me, since I still have to avoid the gaze of the Harvard Square pizza and burger shops.